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SAUNO LLC. company has a great experience in the production of impact engraving equipment. Our machines are widely known. They are popular in monument making firms around the world. Many businesses owe five, ten and more SAUNO machines.

What distinguishes SAUNO machines?

Precision Mechanics

The necessary and most important condition for high-quality engraving. Ball screw drives of the German production.

Full Automation

SAUNO machine is a three-coordinate automatic machine. There are no manual settings required.

Top performance

High speed is not at the expense ofquality. Frequency is up to 2000 Hz. Part-engraving mode for increased productivity.

Unique Engraving Modes

Three modes of engraving, a wide range of resolutions and flexible settings provide excellent result on any material.

Electronic level sensor

Machine automatically tracks the slope and unevenness of the workpiece surface.

What are the most important characteristics of an engraving machine?

1. Engraving quality

2. Performance

3. Reliability

4. Simplicity and convenience of work

1. Engraving quality

The engraving machine is primarily evaluated for the quality of the work it performs. Regardless any other features that the machine might possess, between the two engraved portraits, any person will always choose the one that is the best made. The issue of quality becomes a key point in the competition among engraving companies. 

Why SAUNO machines provide the highest quality of engraving?

- High-precision ball screw drives of German production. No backlash. Dust protection.

- Three modes of engraving: point, amplitude, combined. Settings for any stone structure.

- Resolution adjustment (engraving step) from 0.025 mm to 1.0 mm with a pitch of 0.025 mm.

- There are no lines and traces of "machine" engraving, even at a maximum speed.

- A powerful impact at a high speed. Image can be engraved in one pass.

- Non-linear adjustment of the impact strength for 256 shades.

- Engraving mode of individual halftone.

- Automatic re-pass.

- Installation of different modes of engraving for the first and second pass.

- List of materials. Preservation of engraving parameters for various materials.

2. Performance

The faster the engraving is done, the more profit the machine can bring. SAUNO machines have the highest performance. Performance is achieved not only by speed. The mode of engraving in parts, developed by SAUNO, additionally reduces the time of engraving. The high speed of SAUNO machines is not at the expense of quality of engraving.

Why are SAUNO machines so fast?

- Engraving frequency is up to 2000 Hz.

- Cell mode. Automatic separation of images into parts to accelerate engraving.

- Automatic re-pass. No need to wait to start the second pass manually.

- Highlighting masked image fragments improves performance and reduces needle wear.

3. Reliability

SAUNO machines are exceptionally reliable due to the excellent mechanics of German production, reliable electronic components, simple and carefully designed modular design. The impact head of machine is stable and durable thanks to the magnetic suspension. For more than 20 years of sales, no machine has been decommissioned due to critical wear. The simple fact is that our machines operate thousands of kilometers away from us - in Kamchatka, Sakhalin, the Middle East, in Africa, in Europe, in Canada and USA. See on the map where SAUNO machines work.

Why are SAUNO machines reliable?

- Ball screw drives and guides produced in Germany on all three axis drives.

- Impact engraving head is on a magnetic suspension without springs. 

- Electronic level sensor instead of complex mechanics. The complete absence of manual adjustments.

- Autotune clearance. No need to set the gap when changing and as the needle wears. Forget the dipstick.

- Electronic level sensor tip point. Does not press on the surface, does not scratch, is not afraid of dust. There is no wear of mechanics, which means that there is no backlash and there is no lineage.

- Control the output of the engraving tool beyond the stone. Protects from needle breakage in case of operator error.

- The modular design of the machine simplifies maintenance and repair.

- Autoshutdown in case of power failure with the subsequent resumption of work from the interrupted place.

- Zero point of the machine mode. Recovery from power failures even in the absence of an uninterruptible power supply.

4.Simplicity and convenience of work

Our machine uses advanced technology, which is why it is the easiest and most unpretentious to work with. It does not require manual adjustments such as manual installation and checking of the gap, fixing the workpiece to machine or machine on the stone, mechanical or software correction of backlash. We replaced the mechanical tracking system with electronic, because electronics are more reliable and easier to maintain.










Why is it convenient to work on SAUNO machines?

- Compactness, mobility. The machine weighs from 20 kg, it is easy to move it in the workshop from place to place.

- No need to fix the workpiece to the machine or attach the machine to the stone.

- If you have a large stone, the machine can be put on the top.

- Engraving on ovals and figured monuments. Vertical engraving. Engraving without indents.

- Bypass of the image contour. Eliminates image placement errors on an irregularly shaped  workpiece.

- Level sensor. The workpiece does not need to be leveled. Work on uneven and inclined tiles.

- Vertical drive Z with auto gap adjustment. No adjustment required for stone slabs of different thickness.

- Adjust the force of impact right in the process of engraving.

- Works from any computer (desktop, laptop, netbook) with Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7/8.

- Connects to a computer via USB or COM-port with protection against communication interference.

- Multiple machines can run from one computer.

- The machine does not take up computer resources. You can simultaneously manage multiple machines and retouch an image in Adobe Photoshop.

- Customize the size, indents and location of the image on the stone in the Engrave program.

- Displays the process of engraving and moving the tool on a computer screen.

- Pre-calculation of engraving time.

- Preview of the result of engraving on stone in the Engrave program .

- Transfer images from Adobe Photoshop to Engrave using a simple Copy / Paste command.

- Automatic engraving needle wear control.

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