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Graphic 3-KL machine has the functions of both impact etching and laser engraving. The machine uses original technologies developed by SAUNO LLC. for engraving photographic quality images on stone and other materials.
Graphic 3-KL Laser Engraving + Impact Etching Machine

4-in-1 Lase Engraving + Impact Etching + Vector Making + Laser Cutting

Working area: 55х90сm, 65х110сm, 75х135сm, 75х155сm.



Prices for laser engraving machines Graphic 3-KL.

Samples of products.

Technical specifications.

Modes of operation of the machine

                             Laser engraving.                                                               Impact etching.

                    Stone, glass, plastic, wood.                                             Stone, glass, plastic, wood. 

                              Laser marking.                                                            Impact marking.

                    Stone, glass, plastic, wood.                                          Stone, glass, plastic, metal.

    Laser material cutting (plastic, wood and other.)

The principles of operation of SAUNO laser engraving + impact etching machines:

1. The original image file is brough into the computer using a scanner, camera, disk or the Internet.

2. The image is retouched in a program - a graphic editor, for example, Adobe Photoshop. Unnecessary elements are removed, photo defects are retouched, clarity and contrast are added. 

3. The edited image is copied to the Engrave machine control program where the required resolution (step), image size and engraving mode are set.

4. At the “Start” command, the machine engraves the image. At the end of the work the machine returns to the starting point.


The advantages of Graphic 3-KL machine:

- The expanded range of gradation of brightness when engraving (Fig.1)

- Two engraving heads - laser and impact (Fig.2)

- Three-axis automatic machine with ball screw drives 

- Automatic installation of focal length (Fig.3)

- Engraving on an inclined and curved surface

- All Engrave features are available with laser engraving





                                            Fig.2                                                                             Fig.3                                                                  


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