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About company

SAUNO company - is a great choice
SAUNO company is a leader in the field of impact engraving. We have been producing machines since 1997. Our machines work all over the world. Many companies operate five, ten or more SAUNO machines.

Why choose SAUNO machines?

1. SAUNO machines provide excellent quality of engraving, the highest productivity, strong reliability, ease of operation and maintenance.

Advantages of SAUNO machines.

2. SAUNO has a large selection of machines.
We produce
impact etching, laser-engraving and 3-in-1 universal milling machines of the Graphic 3-KS series with the possibility of impact etching, milling and 3D scanning.
At the choice of customers there are also 
grinding machines Graphic 3-T.

SAUNO products.
3. The machines are created on the basis of advanced impact engraving technologies, developed for the first time in the world by SAUNO.

Achievements of SAUNO are generally recognized and patented.

SAUNO technologies.

4. Advanced technology at an affordable price.
Our prices are accessible to everyone.


See equipment prices.

5. Complete service for our clients. Here's what you get when you become our client:

- Consumables - etching needles and milling cutters (we have our own production of tools).

- Regrinding of worn consumables.

- Training - included in the price of the machine plus free consultations and educational videos.

- Technical service - repairs, spare parts..

- Online photo retouching.

- Online store of ready-to-engrave clipart.

- Online store of spare parts.

6. With us you are always ahead.
SAUNO technologies are constantly being improved.
You can upgrade your old machine at any time.
Work on the most modern equipment.

Modernization of equipment.

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