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For technical service, please contact the service center of SAUNO company or its regional representatives


The service company SAUNO includes:



Free consultations

If you have any questions about the operation and maintenance of the machine, please contact us. Our experts will answer your questions by phone or e-mail. In the event of a malfunction, they will help you find the causes of the problem and give recommendations for further action.


Call the technical department or send questions to the e-mail service center.


Replacing individual modules

SAUNO machines have a simple and reliable modular design. In case of malfunctions, it is enough to replace the faulty module. The decision to replace a defective unit is made by our specialist after consultation with you by phone or e-mail. Replacing any machine module is simple and takes only a few minutes using a simple tool. The procedure for replacing individual components is described in detail in the instruction manual for the machine and shown in video films. If you are located far away from our service centers, we can always send you parts by mail. It is necessary to replace the faulty module and, after the performance check, send the faulty module back.


Spare parts

SAUNO company is a manufacturer of machines and engraving tools, therefore spare parts for machines and consumables (engraving needles and milling cutters) are always in stock. They can be purchased at our office or from representatives of the SAUNO company. We send spare parts to other cities and countries.



Equipment repair is carried out on our repair base or in the regional service centers SAUNO. You can bring for repair or send the necessary parts or the entire machine to the postal service. Repairs are usually carried out within one day. In difficult cases, it is possible to leave our technician.


Warranty service

SAUNO machines are guaranteed for one year from the date of sale. Warranty repair and replacement of faulty components is carried out free of charge by SAUNO during the whole warranty period. The cost of transporting spare parts is covered by the customer.



It includes checking and adjusting machine components, cleaning and lubricating drives, setting up and testing all modules. It is recommended to perform maintenance annually at the SAUNO service center or in regional service centers. Remember that with proper maintenance, your machine will work reliably for decades.



SAUNO company regularly develops new, more advanced models of machines. You can upgrade your old machine and turn it into a modern one.


What to do in case of malfunction

We recommend you not to engage in self-repair and not follow the advice of incompetent persons. You will lose time and money! In our service centers you will receive free advice on how to troubleshoot problems. 

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