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Impact-etching machines

SAUNO automatic impact engraving machines quickly and accurately engrave images with all halftones and shades on any solid material - stone, glass, metal, plastic.

Impact-etching machine (tablet type)
Working area: 40х60 сm, 70х110 сm, 80x140 cm

Technical specifications
Impact-etching work samples

Operating principle of SAUNO impact-etching machines

1. Image is entered into the computer using a scanner, camera, disk, flash-drive or from the Internet.
2. Image is edited in a graphics editor program, for example, Adobe Photoshop.
Unnecessary background is removed, photo defects are retouched, clarity and contrast are improved.
3. Image is copied into the Engrave machine control program. The required resolution (step), size and engraving mode are set.
4. At the “Start” command, the machine engraves the image. At the end of the work, the machine returns to the starting point.


Advantages of SAUNO impact-etching machines

- SAUNO machine is a three-axis automatic machine that does not require manual adjustments and settings.
Reliable mechanics. Ball screw drives made in Germany - no backlash, no slipping, protected from dust. They work without replacement for decades.
- Compact and mobile. It is easy to work on SAUNO machines in a regular workshop. There is no need to attach the machine to the stone or secure the tiles in the machine. If the slab is large, it is enough to place the machine on top of the slab.
- The
highest quality engraving on stone of any type and origin. Provides a wide range of engraving modes and resolutions.
High speed without compromising engraving quality. There are no line effects or weakening of the impact at high speed.
Electronic level sensor takes into account unevenness and inclination of the workpiece surface. 
- Automatic gap setting. Our customers don't know what a dipstick is. Forget about the need to periodically check the gap.



Delivery package includes:
- Machine.

- Adjustable legs.
- CD with the most recent Engrave program.

- Manual and instructions of assembly.
- Etching needles (0.04-0.06 carat 10 pieces).

- Ready to engrave clipart catalogue (500 images).


*Computer is not included with the machine. You can use any computer with the operating system Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 10. *Machine is connected to the computer via USB.

*Warranty on the machine is 1 year from the date of sale. SAUNO company provides post-warranty repair, service and modernization of equipment.

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