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SAUNO impact etching automatic machines quickly and accurately engrave images with all halftones and shades on any solid material - stone, glass, metal, plastic. 
Graphic 3-KP Impact Eching Machine
Working area: 30х40сm, 40х60сm, 60х90сm, 60х110сm,60х140сm, 80х140сm, 80х160сm

Prices for impact etching machines Graphic 3-KP.

Samples of products.

Technical specifications.

The principles of operation of SAUNO impact etching machines:

1. The original image file is brough into the computer using a scanner, camera, disk or the Internet.

2. The image is retouched in a program - a graphic editor, for example, Adobe Photoshop. Unnecessary elements are removed, photo defects are retouched, clarity and contrast are added. 

3. The edited image is copied to the Engrave machine control program where the required resolution (step), image size and engraving mode are set.

4. At the “Start” command, the machine engraves the image. At the end of the work the machine returns to the starting point.

The advantages of Graphic 3-KP machine:

- Three-axis automatic machine without manual settings and adjustments.

- Working area from 30x40 cm to 100x200 cm.

- High-precision ball screw drives of German production. No backlash. Dust protection.

- Impact engraving head on a magnetic suspension without springs. 

- Compactness and mobility. .

- No need to fix the workpiece to the machine or attach the machine to the stone.If you have a large stone, the machine can simply be put on top.

- Manual adjustment for stone slabs of different thickness due to the vertical Z coordinate is not required.

- Engraving without indents. Engraving on ovals and figure monuments. Vertical engraving.

- Electronic sensor tracking the level of the workpiece. The electronic sensor tip point does not press on the workpiece, does not scratch the surface, requires a small indent from the edge of the stone.

- Control the output of the engraving tool beyond the workpiece area.

- Automatic installation of the gap.

- Three modes of engraving: point, amplitude, combined. Settings for any kind of stone.

- Adjust the impact strength in the process.

- Resolution adjustment (engraving step) from 0.025mm to 1.0mm with a step of 0.025mm.

- Ability to re-engrave from 1 to 4 passes.

- Automatic re-pass. Installation of different modes of engraving for the first and second pass.

- Engraving mode halftone selection.

- Engraving fragments of the image of arbitrary shape (image mask mode).

- List of materials. Preservation of engraving parameters for various materials.

- High speed without deterioration. There are no effects of weakening of the impact at high speed.

- The engraving frequency is 400 Hz in the point / amplitude mode and up to 2000 Hz in the combined mode.

- Automatic separation of images into parts to speed up engraving.

- Connects to computer via USB without any adapters and drivers. Multiple machines can operate from one computer.

- Works from any computer (desktop, laptop, netbook) with Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.

- The machine does not take up computer resources.

- Displays the process of engraving and movement of the tool on a computer screen.

- Pre-calculation of engraving time.

- Customize the size and location of the image on the stone in the Engrave program .

- Autoshutdown in case of power failure with the subsequent resumption of work from the interrupted place.

- Zero point of the machine. Recovery from power failures even in the absence of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

- Protocol of work to monitor completed orders.

- Check the size of the image by doing a bypass contour.

- Preview the result of engraving on stone in the program Engrave.

- Transfer images from Adobe Photoshop to Engrave using a simple Copy / Paste command.

- Engraving needle wear control.

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