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SAUNO company was founded in 1992.

At the very beginning, we were engaged in the development of micro- processing control systems and regulating algorithms for industrial and technical objects.

Later, in 1994, SAUNO was actively enrolled in the evolvement of electronic control devices for cars. Anti-lock braking system (ABS-ASR) that we have designed prevented skidding and slipping of the vehicle on a sleek surface and successfully passed field tests in order to be installed on buses that were manufactured in South Korea.


The accumulated experience that we have gained helped us to quickly master a new technical area – engraving images by impact onto the hard surfaces. It is in 1994 that we have started to create automatic engraving machines. There were no industrial designs of such equipment in the world, although some work was already being done in this direction.

In just 2-3 months on the basis of a universal multi-processing controller of our own conception, we have produced the first working sample of an impact-engraving machine that was operated from a personal computer.

In 1997 we have began the industrial fabrication of impact-engraving equipment.


From then and until now, our machines are constantly being improved.

Development, production and sale of engraving equipment has become the main activity of SAUNO.


We have come a long way and have gained a lot of experience. Our company is making excellent equipment and every day we are working to improve it even more.

The first engraving machine
Graphic 2-K, 1997.
Universal multiprocessor controller, 1996
The first model of the electronic impact-etching head with level sensor tracking, 1999.
Electronic and mechanical impact etching head with level tracking.
Stages of development of SAUNO company:

1994 - development of methods  for controlling of impact etching, carving and other technological equipment.

1996 - their implementation in the form of multiprocessor control systems operating in parallel mode.

1996-2002 - improvement and testing of the ABS-ASR anti-lock system to improve the safety of driving on a slippery surface. The work is carried out on the order of South Korean firms.

1994-1997 - research in the field of black-and-white image application on hard surfaces and active work on the automation of impact engraving technology.

1998 - the production of Graphic 2-K semi-automatic engraving machines is mastered.

1999 - a unique three-coordinate automatic machine Graphic 3-K is created for applying a black-and-white image, both on flat and curvilinear surfaces.

2001-2003 - 2 candidates and 1 doctoral dissertation is prepared and defended by the company.

2003 - the production of universal impact ething and carving machines Graphic 3-KS with interchangeable engraving and carving heads is achieved .

2005 - the powerful Graphic 3-KM caving machines are launched.

2006 - significantly expanded the range of equipment. Lightweight machines Graphic 3-KP are implemented.

2006 - the release of a new engraving system (version 6.0) with an etching head of a new design.

2008 - a 3D volumetric surface scanner is created and released for inserting three-dimensional models of bas-reliefs into a computer.

2010 - the production of the engraving system version 7.1 began. Transition to a new technological base.

2011 - version 7.2 is developed and put into production. Significant increase in performance. New engraving modes.

2012 - version 8 is developed. The quality of engraving and speed is even higher.

2014 - version 9 is developed - the first universal system of impact etching and carving for “Graphic” machines series.

2016 - production of universal machines Graphic 3-KL with replaceable impact and laser heads, automatic focus setting and a system for monitoring the level of the workpiece surface. Machine is equipped with the original Engrave version 10.0 control system.

 2019 - version 11 control system was developed for SAUNO impact and laser machines with the possibility of multi-layer and vector engraving.

2022 - the Graphic 3-KM universal machine was developed and launched with functions of milling, impact raster, vector engraving and a laser non-contact 3D scanner. Machine operates under the control of SAUNO version 12.1 system.

2024 - release of Graphic 3-KLD laser diode and impact etching machine with Engrave 12.2 system version.

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