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Before engraving the image on the stone, it must be retouched. Retouching is the most important component of successful work. The quality of retouching directly affects the result of engraving.

SAUNO company operates the International Center for Online Retouching. How does the retouch center work? You scan the original image and send it to the retouch center by email. One of our professional artists retouches the picture and we send it back to you in 24h. Thus, you get rid of the most time-consuming stage of work on the machine.

At your request, our artists can make changes to the portrait, make the monument design completely, prepare an inscription or separate elements (flowers, crosses, frames, etc.). During several years of work of the center, our retouching artists have accumulated a great experience, allowing you to quickly and accurately retouch the most complex images for processing. Our online image store has a huge selection of ready to engrave design elements.

Original Image Requirements

- Scan the original photo with a resolution of 600dpi in the format of 256 shades of gray.

- Customize image size. If you have Adobe Photoshop, go to the "Image / Image Size ..." menu command and set the "Resolution" parameter in the "Image" window to 40 to 100 pixels / cm so that the file size does not exceed 500 Kilobytes.

- Save the file in the format ". JPG".

- Send the file as an attachment by e-mail to In the same letter, specify the requirements for retouching and changes that need to be made to the image, for example, making a halo around the head, drawing a haircut, making a monument layout, etc.

- Use a scanner to transfer photos from paper to electronic form.

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