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Online photo retouching

Before engraving on a machine, the image must be retouched to improve its quality of transfer to the stone.
Retouching is the most important component of successful work.
The engraving result directly depends on the quality of the retouching.
SAUNO company operates Оnline Photo Retouching Center.

How does the Online Photo Retouching Center work?
1) Scan the original image and send it to us by email.

2) One of our professional artists, will retouch the image in 24-48 hour time.

3) We send you back a reday to engrave file.
Thus, you get rid of the most labor-intensive stage of working on the machine.


Our artists can, at your request, enhance facial features, change or modify people's clothing and hairstyle, add or remove objects from the original image, make a completely finished model of the monument - portrait, inscription, design elements (angels, crosses, icons, flowers, landscapes, etc.).

Over several years of operation, specialists in Online Photo Retouching Center, have accumulated extensive experience, allowing them to quickly and efficiently retouch the most difficult images to process.

Alternatevely, our online clipart store has a huge selection of ready to engrave designs for you to choose from.

Online Photo Retouching Center services:

-Retouching of images for machine engraving. (Enhancing contrast and clarity while maintaining full similarity to the original.)
- Removing image defects - scratches, cracks, embossing.

- Adding/removing objects
- Changing or modifying details 

- Preparing ready to engrave models of monuments with a portrait, inscription, design elements (angels, crosses, icons, flowers, landscapes, etc.).
*Customer's recommendations for setting up retouching for different types of stone are taken into account.


Contact information

If you are using Online Photo Retouching Center's service for the first time, please send a request letter by email.
Requirements for portrait design may vary in different regions as well as the types of stone used for making monuments.
You can choose to pay for each image separеtly or buy one of our
image editing packages to save time and money.


Requirements for the original image

- Scan the original image with a resolution of 600dpi in 256 shades of gray format.
- Adjust image size.

If you have Adobe Photoshop, use the menu command "Image/Image Size..." and set the "Resolution" parameter in the "Image" window from 40 to 100 pixels/cm so that the file size does not exceed 500 KB.
- Save the file in "JPG" format.
- Send the file as an attachment by email to
In the same letter, indicate the retouching requirements and changes that need to be made to the image, for example, making a halo around the head, drawing a hairstyle, making a model of the monument, etc.

Sometimes photographs from paper originals (photo cards) taken on a mobile phone are sent for retouching.

We ask you not to do this due to the low quality of such images.
Please use a scanner to convert photos from paper to electronic form.

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