In marking mode, the machine engraves by impact method vector images - patterns, ornaments, inscriptions. Vector images consist of line segments and curved lines. Vector engraving  conveys the smallest details of the picture.
Marking mode can be used on Graphic-3KP impact engraving machines and Graphic-3KS carving machines equipped with an impact etching head. The machine must have version 9 installed.


Features of marking mode:

- Vector images are engraved with a diamond needle on stone, metal, plastic and other hard materials.

- Makes perfectly clear lines and contours of letters and other symbols.

- Ability to adjust the impact force and the distance between points.

- Import vector images from DXF format (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD) to G-codes.

- Monitor the level of the surface with a built-in level sensor. The inclination of the workpiece does not affect the quality of engraving.

- Pause and continue work. Turning off the machine and the computer with the ability to continue from the interrupted place.

- Resumption of work from the interrupted place in case of power outage.


Video: Vector engraving or marking mode.