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SAUNO company is a developer of unique technologies in the field of impact engraving. Many technical solutions that are now generally accepted, first appeared on our machines. SAUNO technologies are generally recognized and protected by Russian and international patents. New developments are ongoing. Owners of our equipment can be confident in their choice.

We take into account the comments and wishes of our customers to improve our equipment and, if possible, we try to implement them in our new developments. For any questions you can contact us by e-mail or by phone.

SAUNO company at different times developed and introduced into production the following technologies:

Diamond needles (1990)

Engraving needles from natural and synthetic diamond are now used everywhere. Previously it was thought that a diamond was unstable for an impact, and the needles were made of hard metal. For the first time in the world, the  SAUNO company developed technologies for the manufacturing of diamond needles. Tests have shown that diamond needles engrave the image with more quality. SAUNO company has Russian and international patents on engraving needles.

Level tracking of the surface

SAUNO company first developed in 1997 an electronic system for tracking the roughness and inclination of the surface of the workpiece. A machine with such a system does not require installation of the workpiece in terms of level and can work on stone slabs with significant irregularities. The electronic tracking system of SAUNO is unique and has undeniable advantages over the mechanical.

Automatic gap setting

For the first time in the world, it was developed by SAUNO for in 1998. In earlier versions, the gap was set manually and controlled by a feeler gauge. With the introduction of automatic installation, the accuracy of the setting of the gap has increased significantly. The need for manual adjustments has completely disappeared.
Graphic 3-KS carving and impact etching machine

In 2002, SAUNO for the first time in the world released the universal Graphic-3KS machine with interchangeable carving and impact etching heads. In 2008, Graphic-3KS machines began to be additionally equipped with a 3D scanner for inputting three-dimensional models into a computer. 

Point mode

Developed for the first time in SAUNO company in 1999. Up to this point, the machines worked only in amplitude mode. Point mode allowed to solve the problem of the quality of engraving on a heterogeneous stone. SAUNO point mode adjusts the density of points simultaneously with the force of impact.

Combined mode

Developed by SAUNO in 2009, the combined mode resembles to manual work and conveys more shades than when in point mode.


Repeated pass

Repeated pass when engraving images was used for the first time in the world in SAUNO machines in 2000. Repeated passage improves the quality of engraving on a heterogeneous stone.

Engraving in pieces

For the first time, the separation of images into parts to speed up the work was developed by SAUNO in 2000. The system of the second generation (2005) is significantly improved. It saves significantly more time.

Retouching images online

In 2006, the International Center for Internet Retouching was opened at SAUNO. The most time-consuming stage of work on the machine - retouching, has become easier.


Impact head based on a stepper motor (2005) and on a magnetic suspension (2007)

- Stability of work after thousands.
- Excellent halftones.
- Durability.
- Easy setup.
- Availability and ease of production


Automatic needle wear control (2009)

SAUNO company has developed a system that allows, to determine the degree of wear without removing the needle and obtain recommendations on the need for replacement.


Preview of the engraving result (2010)

Engrave program displays on the computer screen what the engraving result will look like, taking into account the degree of heterogeneity of the stone.

Carving with tracking level (2013)

SAUNO company has developed a carving machine with an easy-to-use, fast and reliable technology for tracking the surface level of the workpiece.

Milling cutters for machining hardwoods (2014)

SAUNO company has developed unique milling cutters for the producction of inscriptions on granite. The cutter has a great resource and makes sharp outlines of symbols with corners on the stone.

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