SAUNO machine can engrave images with dimensions larger than its working area. Large images are engraved parts. The image is divided into parts on the computer program. The machine engraves each part as a separate image. The combination of parts of the imageis not very difficult. The process of combination is explained in detail in the instructions for the machine.

If you constantly carry out orders of large image sizes, it is more convenient to buya machine with a working field up to 100x200 cm from us.


A mural is a large engraving consisting of small tiles. Separate tiles are parts of the mural and they must be engraved without indentation around the edges. Some engraving machines have a mechanical surface level tracking system in the form of a bearing. Such machines cannot engrave on a tile without indents. SAUNO machine, can engrave without indentation thanks to its unique electronic tracking system.

Stellas and monuments