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When buying a machine, we are often asked what else is required for the work and how to prepare the  workshop. In this article we answer the following questions:

- Which computer and which scanner is needed for work?

- What conditions should be in the workshop - the requirements for temperature, power supply and grounding.

- What is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Selection and connection

What you need to work on the machine

In addition to what is included in the delivery kit of the machine, you must have:

1. Computer. Any computer with Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system. The configuration of the computer does not matter, the netbook or the old computer is suitable. You can use a laptop or desktop computer. The machine is connected to the computer via USB. USB connectors are on any computer. The Engrave machine control software is easy to install from a supplied CD. It is possible to connect several machines to one computer.

2. Scanner. Essential for scanning portraits that your clients will bring to you. The scanner must have a resolution of at least 2400dpi. This requirement is met by any modern scanner.

3. Program for retouching images. We recommend Adobe Photoshop, because it is the most famous retouching program. Our training materials are prepared in Adobe Potoshop. It is also possible to use Corel Photopaint or other programs for retouching. In additon, our online photo retouching service is available to you.


Requirements for the workplace

The machine can work in a workshop or at home. For the operation of the machine, a 220 / 110V household power supply with grounding is required (for details on grounding, see below). Operating temperature range from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius.


Do you need to take breaks during the work process on the machine?

Breaks are not needed. The machine can work 24h without shutdowns.


The machine must be connected via a grounded electrical outlet. Make grounding easy. For details on grounding, see the machine manual. Grounding to the machine body, as well as connecting the ground line to the zero phase, the so-called "zeroing", is not allowed.

Uninterrupted power supply unit

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will help you keep working in case of sudden power failures. The UPS includes a battery that automatically starts working when the power is turned off. UPS energy is enough to cover 5-10 minutes of the machine work.

Thus, at short-term power outage, the UPS will not allow work  of the machine to be interrupted. If the electricity is turned off for a long time, then you can stop the work of the machine with a special command so that when the power is back, you can continue working.

What does a UPS with feedback mean?


If at the moment of a power outage there is no one near to stop the work of the machine, it is recommended to use a UPS with feedback. Feedback is a USB cable that connects the UPS to a computer. When the electricity down for more than a certain time, which is set in the settings, the UPS gives the computer a command to turn off. When the machine is turned off, it automatically remembers the stopping point, and the next time it starts up, it continues working from the interrupted place.

What power should the UPS be?


Not less than 600VA (Volt-Ampere). The battery lasts at least for five minutes. During this time, the UPS with feedback will have time to shut down the computer and the machine.

How many electrical outlets should a UPS have?

At least two exits - for the machine and computer. If there is a third output, you can connect a monitor to it. If the monitor is not connected to the UPS, it will turn off when the power is turned off. For a laptop, one output is enough to connect only the machine, since the laptop has its own battery. Power outlets connected to the UPS must be protected.

Do I need a double conversion UPS?


It is only needed if there is strong interference and power surges in your power supply. This happens when welding machines, powerful electric motors and other sources of powerful interference are working in the workshop. Double conversion UPSs are more expensive than the regular ones.

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