Samples on plastic (artificial stone, polymergranite)

Monuments made of plastic are cheaper than stone due to the special technology of manufacturing plastic in color and structure  similar to natural stone. Due to the large impact force,the newest SAUNO machines alow to get a bright image on the plastic without painting.

Samples on metal

Metal, unlike stone, is a plastic material. Upon impact with an engraving needle, the stone crumbles, and a dent is formed on the metal. Due to plasticity, engraving on metal can be done in small steps, for example, 0.100 mm. Metal can be engraved with high resolution images.

Samples on glass

Images on glass are engraved with the same settings as on the stone. It is important that the needle is sharp. Particularly impressive is the engraving on colored tinted glass. If you make the backlight LED lamps in the back of the glass, the engraving will glow from the inside and get a three-dimensional look.