SAUNO company is a manufacturer of engraving tools. We sell etching needles and milling cutters and privide needle grinding service.

Etching needles

Etching needles are used to engrave images and inscriptions on stone, glass, metal and other hard materials.

- The tip of the needle is made of natural or synthetic diamond. The size of the crystal is 0.08 .. 0.12 carat.

- Needle life when working on granite is from 15 images with dimensions of 30x40 cm.

- Needles allow regrinding at least four times when regrinding on SAUNO needle grinding machines. 

- SAUNO company is the manufacturer. Engraving needles are protected by patents.

Milling cutters for inscriptions on solid stone
Invention of SAUNO company - V-shaped milling cutters for makingof inscriptions on hard rock. The angle of grinding is from 90 to 120 degrees, the diameter of the landing is 8mm.

One milling  cutter can do 15 or more inscriptions of 40..50 characters each on granite.  Worn-out cutters can be sharpened up to 4 times on our grinding machine to get a cutting depth of at least 2 mm.
The letters made by the SAUNO cutter on granite have clear and sharp contours.

Carving time and the resource of milling cutters on a stone


Carving bas-relief time depends on the complexity of small parts. For the milling of detailed and complex parts, a smaller diameter milling cutter is required, which makes carving process to go slow.


Therefore, the making of large or small bas-relief may take the same time.

For example, the time of milling a bas-relief with dimensions of 30x40 cm and a depth of 3.5 cm indicated in the figure was:

- on granite 9 hours;
- on marble 5 hours.

For milling this bas-relief a set of two cutters was used.

The milling time of an inscription consisting of 40..50 characters with a height of 30..40mm and a depth of 3mm is:

- on granite 20..30 minutes;
- on marble 15..20 minutes.

Resource of diamond solid milling cutter on granite is more than 60 inscriptions, on marble - more than 300 inscriptions.


Lifetime of milling cutters with multi-layered diamond coating on marble - about 50 inscriptions.

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