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Engraving needle is a consumable. Over time, the needle tip gradually wears out and the quality of the engraving deteriorates. It is important to determine in time the moment when the wear of the needle has reached a critical level, which requires the immediate replacement.

The automatic wear control module allows you to determine the degree of needle wear without removing it from the machine.


Principle of operation

- In the Engrave program, when you click the "Check needle" button, the needle automatically moves in the field of view of the microscope.

- The needle is photographed and the photo of the needle tip is transferred to the computer.

- The Engrave program determines the degree of wear of the needle and gives a recommendation about the possibility of its further use.


Module kit includes:

1. Cutting head.

2. Digital microscope.

3. Microscope mount bracket.

4. CD with software to monitor the state of needles.

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