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SAUNO comany recently launched production of the laser engraving  machines with interchangeable heads for laser engraving  and impact etching. What is the difference between a SAUNO laser machine and already known laser engraving machines on the market?


Distinctive features of the SAUNO machine
Traditional laser engravers

1. The diameter and depth of the engraved points are the same for the whole image.







2. The depth of all points of the engraving is the same. When trying to increase the depth by increasing the power, the points merge, halftones disappear, the image becomes “flat”.

3. Images on the stone after engraving require painting to increase their brightness.



4. If the workpiece is of unequal thickness, manual level adjustment is required (distance from the laser head to the surface). If the surface of the stone is curved or has cavities, such as after hand polishing, then engraving on a machine is almost impossible.

5. The focal length before each engraving is set manually using a template.


6. Combined machines (laser+impact) have separate control units and various control programs for laser and impact engraving.


7. Two-coordinate machine with two horizontal drives X, Y.


8. The machine is equipped with belt drives.



9. Before engraving, a preliminary transformation (rasterization) of the image in Photoshop is required. If you need to change the size of the image, you must re-rasterize it.


10.No settings mode of thr pictures on the stone.



11.No auto-traversal mode around the contour of the image. 

12. Connecting to a computer via USB. Requires installation of USB drivers for Windows.

SAUNO laser machine

The diameter and depth of each point of the engraving depends on the brightness of the point of the original image. Light points are engraved more deeply than dark ones. This allows you to get more halftones. The strength and depth of impact is adjusted in the control program and can be easily adjusted right in the process.


Brighter points are made deeper. The result is that the engraving on a stone is brighter and deeper while retaining all the shades and halftones of the original image.


You can do engravings without painting on many varieties of stone (basalt, Chinese gabbro). For those types of stone where painting is required (Karelian gabbro), the paint keeps better due to the great depth of the engraving.

The system of automatic tracking of the surface level of the workpiece by an electronic sensor is installed. When engraving, the machine repeats the profile of the surface, tracking not only the inclination of the workpiece, but also the curved surface. No need to set the level of the workpiece.

Autofocus - automatic installation of the focal length of the electronic sensor. 



A single control unit for laser and impact engraving. The Engrave program, well known to all who work on SAUNO impact etching machines, has a laser engraving mode.


Three-coordinate machine. The vertical drive, Z can be easily adjusted to different stone thickness.


Ball screw drives  on all three coordinates. More accurate and durable than the belt.



Convert the image to a raster in the program Engrave - just copy the image from Photoshop and paste it into Engrave. You can resize a picture directly in the Engrave program. 



Adjust the size and location of the picture on the stone. Set the shape of a stone - rectangular, oval or figured. 



Preview the contour of the image. Automatic calculation of the boundary contour of the picture.


Connecting to a computer with a USB cable. Does not require installing drivers on your computer.

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