Photos of machines were made in the workshops of our customers in real working conditions. Pay attention to how SAUNO machines are simple, unpretentious and reliable in operation. Evaluate the capabilities of our equipment and make the right choice.

- SAUNO machines are compact and mobile (machine weight from 20kg). The machine is easy to move from place to place.

- SAUNO machines are not afraid of dust.

- The stone does not need to be fixed in the machine with clamps.

- The machine is easily placed on top of any monument. It does not need to be attached.

- Engraves on figure monuments and ovals.

- Vertical drive Z with auto gap adjustment. Setting up the machine for stone slabs of different thickness is not required.

- SAUNO machine engraves on stone without indentation around the edges. 

- The workpiece does not need to be set exactly on the level thanks to the electronic level sensor.

- In SAUNO machines, the clearance is set automatically. Forget the dipstick and manual adjustments.

- SAUNO machines have no backlash in the drives. 

- The machine works from a desktop computer, laptop or netbook with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8.

- You can control several machines from one computer.

- SAUNO machines work in a vertical position.

- Traversal of the image contour. Eliminates image placement errors.


SAUNO machines provide perfect image quality on any material in the conditions of daily work of stone-processing workshops. The photographs show various options for installing machines in the workplace.

25 SAUNO machines are currently working in this workshop
In this workshop for more than 10 years 12 SAUNO machines operate
If the stone slab is thick, bars can be put under the legs of the machine
 SAUNO machine does not need to be attached to the table or to the stone
Machine performs a second pass
The work of the machine on the figure stone
Heavy stone slabs roll under the machine on a trolley
Work on the polymer (artificial stone)
Thin metal is glued to the table with double-sided tape
Thin tile is glued to the table with double-sided tape
Stone tiles with dimensions of 30x30 cm and more can be not glued to the table
In this workshop, the stone is placed on a roller table and put under the machine

Cemetery monument company in New York. Seven SAUNO machines operate here.



In America, the monuments are thick with relatively small width and height. The dimensions of the machine are usually larger than the size of the stone, so the owner installs the machine above the stone on high legs. 

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