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What is the cost of a portrait?

The cost of a portrait includes the cost of an engraving needle, retouching and electricity. The needle cost is15$. Taking into account the regrinding, it will make at least 40 portraits, that is, it turns out to 0.37$ for a portrait. Ordering image retouching at SAUNO costs 15$. The cost of electricity can be neglected, since during operation the machine consumes less than 100 watts, like an electric lamp.


What is the delivery time of the machine?

Standard size machines are always available, you can buy them at any time. The term of production of the machine with a non-standard working field is usually one week, if the necessary parts are available. For exact dates please contact us.

What are the advantages of the SAUNO machine compared to similar equipment?

We respect other manufacturers, unless they are engaged in copying our developments. We draw your attention to the fact that SAUNO machines are probably the most widely known on the market of engraving equipment. Our machines have gained tremendous popularity due to the fact that they combine excellent engraving quality, advanced technologies, high performance, reliability and ease of operation and maintenance at an affordable price.


Is it possible to work on the machine at home?

Yes you can. See information on preparation of workplace.


At what temperature can you work on the machine?

From 0 to +50 degrees. Low temperatures are undesirable for the operation of any computer equipment, including the impact etching head and control unit box.


Is the machine afraid of dust?

Many SAUNO machines successfully work in engraving workshops for 10-15 years already. Drives of the machine have built-in protection against dust.

Can the SAUNO machine work without breaks?

Yes. Many of our clients - monument companies, during the season do not turn off the machine for weeks.


What type of stone is best for engraving?

SAUNO machines are able to perform high-quality engraving on any stone. Our clients use the kind of stone they have - usually Karelian, Ukrainian or Chinese. SAUNO machines have different engraving modes that allow you to get excellent results on any stone.


Is it true that after the machine, additional manual work is needed?

SAUNO machine can engrave portraits without additional manual work. However, SAUNO machine engraving allows manual refinement.  It is often easier for an artist  engraver to correct a portrait manually than to achieve the same result using computer retouching.

Does the machine engrave on an artificial stone (granite-polymer)?

Yes. For engraving on a polymer, an engraving needle with a sharp angle is used. Needles are available from us.


Is it possible to engrave large images on a small machine?

Yes. Large image is divided into parts on the computer. Each part is engraved separately. Joining fragments is not difficult and is described in detail in the user manual.


Do I need to fix the tile to the impact etching machine or attach the machine to the stone?

SAUNO impact etching machine does not require fixing the workpiece due to the design of the electronic level sensor, which actually moves over the workpiece surface during engraving. Tile sizes of 30x30 and more can not be fixed. Smaller tiles can be attached to the table with double-sided tape.

When carving, the workpiece must be secured in the machine due to significant vibrations.

Can the machine work vertically?




Where to get engraving needles?

You can buy needles in SAUNO company any time. If you are far away, we will send the needles by express mail. 

What computer is needed to control the machine?

Any computer that has a Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP SP3 operating system. 


Is it possible to control two or three machines from one computer at once?

Yes. The number of machines is limited by the number of USB outlets on your computer.


Is it possible to disassemble a large machine for transportation?

Yes you can. Assembly requires a set of hex keys, a screwdriver and one to two hours of time.

What skills should a machine worker have?

We recommend that it be a reliable and tidy person with the skills of a regular computer user. It is good to have the skills of an artist or engraver, but the experience of operating the machines shows that this is not necessary.

Do SAUNO machines have a reliable frame design?

The design of SAUNO machines is assembled from profiles. We use special aluminum alloy profiles, which are designed for mechanical engineering and have completely different requirements for strength and accuracy than furniture or window profiles. In fact, SAUNO company manufactures carts for installing stone slabs for a machine from the same profile. Carrying capacity of these trolleys is up to 800kg.

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