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The automatic Graphic-3T machine is intended for sharpening engraving needles from natural and synthetic diamond.
Engraving needle and grinding head
Needle wear control software
Samples of tools sharpened on Graphic-3T machine
Needle from natural diamond,
7 facets, side view
Needle from natural diamond,
7 facets, top view
Milling cutter-engraver, side view
Advantages of Graphic 3-T machine

1. Automatic detection and automatic setting of the needle sharpening angle. The sharpening machine is equipped with a computer microscope for viewing needles with 200-fold magnification. The software of the machine allows you to accurately measure and automatically set the sharpening angle of the tool.

2. Exact setting of the sharpening angle allows you to sharpen the needle without removing excess material. Increased needle life for subsequent refills and resource grinding wheel.

3. The tip of the point lies strictly on the axis of the needle.

4. The automatic machine is extremely easy to use. All operating parameters — definition and setting of the angle of sharpening, feed rates and revolutions, the number of facets — are set by the operator on the control panel, which completely eliminates random factors and possible operator errors.

Needle grinding machine and sharpening module
Needle grinding machine Graphic 3-T
Sharpening module for machines Graphic 3-KP and Graphic 3-KS

We offer two options for a grinding system:

a) Separate needle grinding machine Graphic-3T.

b) Sharpening module for machines Graphic-3KP  and Graphic-3KS. The sharpening module is installed on the machines of the "Graphic" series as an additional device. The composition of the grinding module includes:

-replaceable cutting head;

-a head with a grinding wheel and with a rotation motor of the grinding wheel;

-digital microscope with bracket for mounting;

-CD with software.

The grinding head and the microscope are fixed on the machine frame. The cutting head is replaceable. It is installed instead of the impacthead. The engraving machine control panel and the Engrave program are used to control the sharpening module. Thus, your engraving machine turns into a full-fledged machine for sharpening needles.

The sharpening module costs significantly less than the Graphic-3T needle grinding machine, but requires re-positioning the tool head to switch from engraving mode to the grinding machine mode and back.


 Technical specifications

* Sharpening tool modes are set with a remote control. Memory of the machine allows to store up to eight different sharpening modes.


Sharpening module kit includes:

1. Grinding head.

2. Cutting head.

3. Digital microscope.

4. Microscope mount bracket.

5. CD with software to monitor the state of needles.

Video about installation of the sharpenig module.

Video about needle grinding on Graphic 3-T machine.
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