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Technical specifications

Delivery kit includes:

1. Machine.

2. CD with Engrave software for machine control.

3. CD with instructions of assebmbly.

4. CD with a set of images ready to engrave.

5. Engraving needles.

6. Removable legs with adjustable height.

Consumable tools

Diamond-tipped needle is the only consumable. The needle lifetime depends on the type of stone and the engraving mode used. It is approximately 15-20 images 30x40 cm. SAUNO needles can be sharpened at least 5 times on a SAUNO needle grinding machine.

Engraving speed

Depends on the set engraving mode and resolution value (step). For example, the engraving time of a standard portrait on a 30x40cm tile is from 20 minutes in fast mode and about 45 min. to 1 hour in a high-quality engraving (HQ mode).



A machine with a small working field can engrave large images in several parts. You can order a machine with a non-standard working area - up to 100x200cm.


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