SAUNO impact engraving machine provides tremendous possibilities for engraving inscriptions. The possibilities of the machine are limited only by the imagination of the operator. Owners of SAUNO machines successfully use these features to make their work original.

- The Internet has a huge number of fonts of different shapes and styles. Any font from the Internet can be used for machine engraving.

- With the help pf the machine it is easy to engrave the symbols of all world languages, even such complex ones as Chinese or Arabic.

- You can use handwritten and decorative fonts, shadows, smooth transitions from dark to light, engrave vertical inscriptions or arrange them in an arc.

- Impact etching machine engraves the most complex letter in time as much as the simplest one. The engraving time depends on the size and area of ​​the engraving, but not on the number and complexity of small parts.

- SAUNO machines are distinguished by a large impact force. Impact force is easily adjusted right in the process of the engraving. When engraving inscriptions, the force of impact on the machine can be further increased so that the letters are deeper.


Only impact etching SAUNO machines provide such ample opportunities. Manual engraving of the inscriptions is extremely time-consuming. Sandblasting technology does not allow to engrave shades of gray.

 Inscriptions on metal