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The engraving made on SAUNO machine easily gives in to painting. The paint is applied on top of the already finished engraving with a brush or swab. Excess paint is removed. Thus, the paint remains only at the points embossed by the machine, and is removed from the polished areas.

Our paints are weather resistant and designed for outdoor use.

SAUNO company has color paint in sets of 6 and 10 colors available , as well as separately white, silver and gold paint. We sell liquid paints and dry in powder form. 

Paint prices.

A set of paints, acrylic, 10 colors x 75ml
A set of paints 6 colors x 140ml
White paint, acrylic, 75ml
Dry paints
Gold and silver paint, powder, 50g
Varnish for breeding dry paint, 1l
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