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SAUNO carving machines are developed specifically for stone processing, but also can  work on metal, wood, plastic and glass. Graphic 3-KS machines are designed for making bas-reliefs, patterns, deep inscriptions and cutting along a complex contour.
The package includes a 3D scanner for entering into the computer of volumetric models of bas-reliefs.

Graphic 3-KS Carving + Impact Etching Machine
4-in-1 Carving + Impact Etching + 3D scanner + Vector Marking
Working area: 55х65сm, 55х115сm, 80х130см, 80х180см,100х150см
3D scanner 
To enter into the computer three-dimensional models of bas-reliefs.
Product samples

Prices for carving machines Graphic 3-KS.

Samples of products.

Technical specifications.

Processed materials: stone (including granite), wood, metal, plastic, glass.

Milling cutters

For the processing of stone, wood and metal various cutters are used. At SAUNO company we can offer our cients to buy milling cutters of any size and shape.

The principles of operation of SAUNO carving + impact etching machines :

1. The original three-dimensional model is created in a 3D-processing program, for example, in 3DMax or ArtCAM. If you have a finished bas-relief, you can scan it into a computer with a 3D scanner.

2. Set the technological parameters of milling - the shape of the cutter, feed rate, depth of passage, etc. These parameters depend on the material being processed and the type of cutter. According to these parameters, the trajectory or path along which the tool (mill) will move is calculated.

3. At the "Start" command, the machine running a special program cuts a bas-relief, moving the mill along the previously calculated path.



Advantages of Graphic 3-KS machine:

- The machine is designed for stone processing. Coolant supply is provided, the drives are protected from moisture.

- High-precision ball screw drives of German production.

- 3D-scanner is included in the delivery package of the Graphic-3KS machine for inputting 3D models of bas-reliefs into a computer.

- Graphic-3KS machine is four machines in one: carving , impact etching, 3D scanner and vector marking.

- Milling with tracking the surface level to compensate for the tilt of the workpiece.

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