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Part 1. What should  a carving machine be?
Part 2. There is an answer!

Part 3. Computer and software questions.

Part 4. Surface scanner - What is it?


Part 1. What should a carving machine?



The main types of milling work on stone:

a) cutting bas-reliefs - ornaments, patterns;

b) cutting deep inscriptions on monuments;

c) figure stone cutting.

Carving machines differ in the same way as different types of cars do. A significant part of different varieties of granite is used today for the manufacturing of monuments. Because of their properties, granites and gabbro are the most difficult materials for cutting and artistic processing - applying deep inscriptions, ornaments, etc.

Before giving advice, let us list the main advantages of carving machines produced by SAUNO for the artistic processing of granite, gabbro and marble of all varieties and grades.

1. Reliable and inexpensive tools. Since October 2014, SAUNO has mastered the production and sale of milling cutters of unique properties, as well as geometric shapes and sizes.

2. Simplicity of design, low price.

3. Reliability. The ability to work for years in the conditions of stone-processing workshops without the help of service engineers. The possibility of continuing work in the event of electricity failures and random operator errors. 

4. Mobility. The ability to move the machine in the shop and install the machine directly on the stone slab.

5. An opportunity to work on workpieces with an inclined and curved surface. This problem was faced by all who carve inscriptions on monuments. Graphic-3KS machine is equipped with a surface scanner.

6. Protection against moisture.

7. Simplicity of software. Processing parameters - speed, work time, workpiece dimensions, depth of cutting, current tool position are displayed on the screen. Stone is an expensive material, and the operator must be clear about what he is doing.

8. Affordable service. Spare parts for repair and tools are always be available in service centers.


Part 2. Answers to questions

What are the advantages of our machine? Answers to the questions of our clients that they ask when choosing equipment will help to understand.
How durable and reliable is the machine design? How mobile is the machine?

The frame of Graphic-3KS machine is assembled from a light and durable aluminum profile. The machine weighs only 50..100kg, depending on the working area, but its design has sufficient rigidity to work on the stone. The machine is easy to move from place to place and can be installed over a large stone.

What is the milling accuracy of the machine?

Graphic-3KS machine provides processing accuracy of 0.025..0.050 mm while maintaining the lightness and mobility of the structure.
How reliable are machine drives, what is their service life?
Coordinate drives are the most expensive part of a milling machine. Precision of work and service life of the whole machine depends on them.

SAUNO machine has 3 coordinate drives - X, Y, Z, and all three use a ball screw drive. The drive of the ballscrew is superior in accuracy, reliability and lack of backlash than the drive with a toothed rack or belt drive. We use ballscrews of German production in machines for more than 20 years and in practice we were convinced of their reliability.

Does your machine have a table?

Graphic-3KS machine has a removable table. 

Can a milling machine work without breaks?

Yes, our machine is designed for it. Large and complex bas-reliefs can be milled for 30..40 hours continuously and even longer.


What is the best way to make a cooling system in your workshop if there is no water supply nearby?

When milling a stone, it is necessary to cool the milling cutter. Ordinary water is used for cooling purposes. If there is no water supply nearby, it is enough to install a water collection tank  with a submersible pump for the machine.Thus, the water will circulate in a closed loop.

Part 3. Computer and software

What computer is needed for your carving machine? What software is used to control milling?

Graphic-3KS machine is controlled by the Engrave program version 9. The program was developed by SAUNO and is included in the delivery set of the machine. The Engrave program connects to the machine with a regular USB cable and does not even require installation of any drivers.

To control Graphic-3KS machine  any laptop, netbook or desktop computer with the Windows operating system, starting with Windows XP or more modern is suitable.


Different machines work with different data formats. What format of control codes does your machine use?

Standard G-code. This format is supported by all programs for translating 3D models into machine code, such as ArtCAM and many others.


What is the maximum file size of the control program for your machine?

The size of the control program or G-file is limited only by the amount of computer memory. 
Can I connect several SAUNO carving machines to one computer?

It is possible. The number of machines is limited to free USB ports on the computer.


How is your machine protected from power failures?

The machine always automatically remembers the current point of work. Even when the power of the machine, computer or machine and computer is suddenly turned off, it is easy to continue work from the interrupted place.


Do I need an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for a carving machine?

We think that it is not needed. The power of the milling spindle is 1kW/2 kW, therefore, to connect it, you need a powerful and expensive UPS. If the spindle is not connected to the UPS,  in the event of an electrical failure it will stop.


Part 4. Surface ccanner


What is the advantage of SAUNO machine with surface tracking technology over other machines?

SAUNO surface tracking technology has three additional benefits:

1) You can do without a table by installing the machine directly on the workpiece (monument).

2) Tool wear decreases as the cutter does not penetrate into the stone more than the value specified in the control program due to the tracking system.

3) Inscriptions on the Graphic-3KS machine are milled 15..20% faster due to the use of the fast depth mode.

How long does a SAUNO machine need to scan a workpiece for a standard inscription?

For a standard inscription on the monument, on average about two minutes. This is undoubtedly more accurate and faster than any manual level adjustment of the workpiece.

How reliable is the level sensor used for surface?

SAUNO machine level sensor is time tested. The same sensor has been used for more than 20 years in all models of Grafic-3K” impact engraving machines.
How to continue work on SAUNO machine if the cutter broke in the middle of the inscription (provided that surface scanning was used)?

1. Return the cutter to the zero point of the workpiece.
2. Replace the milling cutter.
3. Set the zero on the Z axis (touch the cutter's tip with the stone surface).
4. In the Engrave program select a fragment, starting with the interrupted place and to the end.
5. Mill the selected fragment.

All actions take 1..2 minutes.

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