Step 1. How to properly scan photo for engraving

From the movie you will learn:

- How to scan photos of various sizes.
- How to scan a photo for sending to the retouch center.
- How to avoid common mistakes when scanning photos

Step 2. Creating a black background around the portrait

The film shows:

- How to create a black background around the portrait so that the portrait looks on a black background naturally.
- How to make a halo around the portrait.
- How to smooth the bottom edge of the portrait.


The background and halo are created in separate layers, which makes it possible to edit the background without affecting the portrait.

Step 3. Removing image defects

Remove image defects - scratches, dust particles and cracks.

Step 4. Adjusting the brightness and contrast of the image

A simple way to adjust the brightness and contrast of the portrait, as well as its individual fragments (hairstyle, costume) using correction layers in Adobe Photoshop.

Step 5. Refinement of the portrait details 

To improve the quality of engraving on a heterogeneous stone, it is important to make contrasting individual parts. 

Step 6. Improving the clarity of image details filters

For engraving on a heterogeneous stone, you need to increase the clarity and contrast of the image.

Step 7. Creating an iscription engraving 

How to create an inscription. How to set the size of the text, make the edges of the letters clear, and much more.

Step 8. Creating a model of the monument

Learn how to create a model of the monument (portrait, inscription, design elements - flowers, candles, etc.) How to set the resolution of the image layout correctly, how to insert a portrait into the layout and set the desired portrait size. 

Quality assessment retouching in the  Engraveprogram.

To assess the quality of retouching in the Engrave program,there is a preview mode of the result of engraving on a stone. Now you can see the result of the engraving directly in the Engrave program and, if necessary, modify the image in the Adobe Photoshop. The quality of the stone can be customized.


How to fix a black background in the portrait

The machine engraves portraits several times faster if the background around the portrait is black. With improper retouching on a black background, gray dots appear, as a result, the machine makes extra passes and the portrait is engraved longer.

Replacement of the costume in the portrait

In Photoshop it is very easy to replace the costume in the portrait, if necessary.

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