How to continue abruptly interrupted work

What if the machine stops during engraving? SAUNO machine easily allows you to continue interrupted work.

Resumption of interrupted engraving in machine zero point mode

SAUNO machine can continue engraving from the interrupted place, even if the power suddenly turned off, and you do not have an uninterruptible power supply. To do this, it is necessary to operate in the machine zero point mode.

Preliminary image traversal along the contour

If the workpiece is not rectangular in shape, then before engraving it is better to make sure that the tool does not extend beyond the stone during operation. 

The film also shows how to properly set the starting point for engraving on tiles of complex shape.


How to set the size of the portrait on the monument

When engraving portraits on monuments, artists-engravers adhere to standard face sizes. For example, the distance from the chin to the bridge of the nose is usually 10..12 cm. We show how easy it is to adjust the desired portrait size in the Engrave program.

Engraving of fragments of arbitrary shape. Mask image.

Using the mask in the Engrave program, you can engrave separate fragments of the same picture in different modes. This approach will significantly reduce the time of engraving and at the same time reduce the wear of the needle tool. The smooth edges of the fragment allow you to make unnoticeable transitions, which is important when re-engraving individual image details.

Engraving of individual halftones

In the Engrave program, you can choose individual halftones in the image. Re-engraving of individual tones will emphasize the necessary details and give the image a 3D effect look.

Automatic portrait engraving and writing in different modes

Engraving can be configured so that the portrait and the inscription are engraved in different modes. For example, the machine first engraves the portrait, then increases the impact force and the gap and makes the inscription brighter and deeper. 

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