Grinding machine Graphic-3T and shapening module. Installation and configuration.

Educational film content:

- What are the advantages of the Graphic-3T grinding machine?

- Grinding machine and sharpening module.

- Set of delivery of the sharpening module.

- How to install sharpening module on the machine. 

- Safety.

- Replacing the grinding wheel.

Needle grinding machine Graphic-3T

This training film in detail, step by step, shows the process of grinding an engraving needle. Summary:

- Needle re-grinding on the Graphic-3T machine

- Needle re-grinding on the sharpening module of the Graphic machine

- Setting sharpening parameters.

Automatic needle wear control module

Educational film content:

- Why do we need a wear control module?

- Module delivery set

- How to install the module on the machine

- How to check needle wear

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