Movie 1. Laser engraving of the portrait on the SAUNO Graphic-3KL machine

Film content:

- Turning on the machine, manual movement mode.

- Installation of the workpiece (tile) in the machine.

- Set the parameters of engraving (resolution, speed, exposure, power) in the Engrave program.

- Adjust the size and indentation of images on a stone in the program Engrave.

- Image engraving. Power adjustment.

- Pause mode. Turning off the machine, the resumption of engraving after turning on.

Film 2. Laser engraving of a portrait on a Karelian stone

The entire process of portrait engraving on a Karelian gabbro with a heterogeneous structure is shown, including setting the engraving parameters and painting the portrait after engraving

Principle of operation of SAUNO Graphic-3KL laser engraving machine.

Video from the exhibition "Stone Industry-2016". Demonstration of SAUNO laser engraving machine Graphic-3KL. Image engraving on the inclined surface of the stone slab.

Optics cleaning. SAUNO Graphic-3KL laser engrving machine.

Film content:

- Optical system.

- Check the air compressor.

- Cleaning the focusing lens.

- Mirror cleaning.

Adjust focus. SAUNO Graphic-3KL laser engraving machine.

Film content:

- Setting the focal length.

- In what cases is required to check the focus.

- How to check that the focus is set correctly.

- How to adjust the system.

Optics adjustment. SAUNO Graphic-3KL laser machine.

Film content:

- What is the adjustment and what is it for.

- How to set up a test laser pulse.

- Three stages of adjustment:

1. Setting the parallelism of the beam along the X axis.

2. Setting the parallelism of the beam along the Z axis.

3. Adjusting the beam to the center of the lens.

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