Engrave program - milling mode


Here are some of the features of the Engrave program:

- Format UE (control program) - G-codes with linear (G1) and circular (G2, G3) interpolation.

- The size of UE is limited only by the memory of the computer.

- View UE as text and three-dimensional model.

- Rotation and scaling of the 3D model, viewing from any side.

- Display in the 3D-model of the current UE line (tool position) both during viewing and during milling.

-Start working from any UE line or mill only the selected UE fragment.

- Displays information about the size of the machining area and milling time.

- Interface in Russian and English.

- Connect to the machine via USB cable without any adapters and drivers.

- The program works in any version of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 8.1.

Carving on SAUNO Graphic-3KS machine

You will learn:

- How to get to the zero point of the machine.

- How to operate the machine in the manual movement mode.

- How to install the tool at the zero point of the workpiece.

- How to scan the surface of the workpiece.

- How to adjust the feed rate during operation.

- How to pause and continue working.

- How to interrupt work with the shutdown of the machine and the computer and the subsequent continuation.

Advantages of SAUNO technology:

- Milling on workpieces with an inclined and curved surface.

- Simplifies the work of the operator - the workpiece is not required to be installed in the machine exactly at the level.

- Do not need a high-precision table, requiring careful handling and periodic calibration.

- Processing of large stone slabs on the machine without using a table.

- Excluded uncontrolled fluctuations during processing. Reduces the load on the drives of the machine, increases the service life of the cutter.

Milling the selected fragment

In the Engrave program, you can select a separate part of the control program for milling. For example, you can mill individual letters in an inscription or a specific part of a bas-relief. The command "Select to the end" allows you to mill the UE, starting from the specified line.

Marking (vector engraving)

Features of marking mode:

- Vector images are engraved with a diamond needle on stone, metal, plastic and other hard materials.

- Perfectly clear lines and contours of letters and other symbols.

- Adjust the impact force and the distance between points.

- Import vector images from DXF format (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD) to G-codes.

- Monitoring the level of the surface. The inclination of the workpiece does not affect the quality of engraving.

- Pause and continue work. Turning off the machine and the computer with the ability to continue from the interrupted place.

- Resumption of work from the interrupted place.

Vector engraving

The film shows:

- How to prepare an inscription for vector engraving in the ArtCAM program.

- How to set up marking options.

Creating an inscription for milling on the Graphic-3KS machine 

Part 1. Carved inscriptions. Midline milling.

Creation of a model of carved inscription by milling in the middle line. The easiest and fastest way to mill inscriptions.

Part 2. Convex inscriptions. Milling selection and profile.

Creation of a model of a convex inscription by milling methods by sampling and by profile.

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